In 2017, M.Y Associates Company Limited ventured into the exploration of calcite minerals in Myanmar with hopes that its minerality will be beneficial for agriculture and pharmaceutical industries. The initial geological surveys have assured the deposit of approximately 2,000,000 metric tons. The plan has been on hold and M.Y Associates Company Limited will resume the project in near future.


In May 2019, M.Y Associates Company Limited signed an agency agreement with KIASMA GROUP to represent them in Myanmar for supply of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Pipes.

With over 50 years of experience, KIASMA GROUP is an Italian company that manufactures HDPE Pipes for dredging, mines, quarries, sea and river ports. Our partnership is formed as we agreed that the features of HDPE Pipes will be beneficial for the Myanmar market where they can be applicable in industries such as construction, agriculture, chemical productions, or in marine. Their characteristics of lightness, flexibility, resistance, longevity, safety, and efficiency gives us an advantage to other traditional pipes.

Dongfang Electric (DEC)

In 11th October 2018, M.Y Holdings and Dongfang Electric International Corporation (DEC), a state-owned Chinese company signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the following projects coal fired plant and hydropower plant.

As a first step towards the realization of this MoU, the contract for a Feasibility Study of the coal fired thermal plant was signed. The feasibility study is completed and the report is submitted together with the technical and commercial proposals. Once the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA) are complete along with the conditions conducive to establishing the project, approval from the relative governments shall be applied and subject to the signing of PPA’s with relevant parties. The project will enter the next stage, which is the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) signing for the construction of this plant with DEC.



Bago Water Project

In April 2013, we participated in the feasibly study of Bago Water treatment project for the Directorate of Water Resources and Improvement of River Systems under Ministry of Transport. The project objective was to build an opening dam in Bago River near the Yacho Island from which fresh water is collected to be diverted to the Thilawar Special Industrial Zone.
A joint venture was created between M.Y Associates Company Limited, Danish Water Services (DWS), Grontmij, and Suntac Technologies for the task. M.Y Associates Company Limited contributed by providing measurements and data collection of Bago Water for Suntac Technologies. In July 2014, this initial phase of our objective was completed.

Yankin Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Project

In February 2013, Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC), Danish Water Services (DWS), Grontmij A/S and VCD Denmark signed a LOI at YCDC Head Office for the feasibility study of NRW project in Yankin. The project was located in Yankin township, quarter 13,14(a), 15 and 16 which included 1100 households.
In May 2013, the project started with M.Y Associates Company Limited as the project coordinator. VCS Denmark Senior Project Manager Henrik Juul and M.Y Associates Company Limited worked hand in hand to carry out burst registration, valves registration, customer registration, NIDA test, non-domestic meter test, junction point registration, level measurement, bulk flow measurement and installation, energy measurement, 0 flow test, pressure measurement, acoustic listening water flow.
In October 2013, all measurements were completed. From October 2013 to January 2014, the water ways were rejuvenated. By January 2014, the project was running and reached its fullest efficiency.

Solar Power Water Pumps

In 2011, M.Y Associates Company Limited helped set up water pumping systems in Koon Chan Kone (Yangon), Buthidaung (Rakhine), Maung Daw (Rakhine), Hnaw Pin (Sagaing), Tae Pan Kan (Sagaing), Myaing Se (Sagaing), Nyaung Pin Thar (Sagaing), and Kyauk Kwel (Sagaing).
Formally, these places have relied on wells via bucket pulling technique for their water source. M.Y Associates Company Limited installed solar water pumping systems as well as provided knowledge on the upkeep of the equipment for maintenance.